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About us

My name is Carmen, a teacher with a master's degree in Psychology living in Madrid for 3,5 years now, together with my husband and my two young daughters. I fell in love with Madrid from day one. I love its landscapes, its parks, its bars, its architecture and its people. I want to convey my love and excitement for this great city just as I do every day with my daughters. 

In February 2020 I had the idea of introducing a new concept in Madrid with special products for newborns in Madrid. Together with my Dutch friends Inoek and Kristi (founders and owners of the brand NOOX City Kids) I have created this new collection of products focused mainly on the Madrid culture. We are very proud of the result! Our products are made with love and in an ethical manner. They are also designed so that you can explore it together as a family, either on a walk or comfortably at home. February 2, 2021 was the official launch of NOOX City Kids Madrid!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as our other customers do. For any questions, I am available to help you: hola@nooxcitykidsmadrid.es or chat through this website!

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About NOOX City Kids

Inoek and Kristi are the proud founders and owners of NOOX City Kids since 2018. Every day they work with great pleasure and love to invent and design beautiful and sustainable products for the new inhabitants of already 11 cities. www.nooxcitykids.nl

NOOX City Kids only works with honest and certified producers. Our products are made in Bangladesh as we work closely with local partners. We ensure that production is carried out in a sustainable manner. One of these partners is Return to Sender. The women work in safe conditions, receive necessary training and a fair wage, which allows them to be financially independent and support their families. Their children can go to school and receive good medical care. Besides making responsibly made products, we only use packing materials of recycled carton and Carmen does most of the deliveries by herself, by bike.

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